Tải office 2013 portable

Microsoft Office 2013 Portable version is one of the super lightweight version of this amazing creative sầu suite. You can download the lakiểm tra version of Microsoft Office 2013 Portable for both x86 và x64 bit operating systems. The version includes all the features & tools that are available in the heavy version of Office 2010.

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You can also tải về Microsoft Office 2019 for không lấy phí.

It contains all the updates & other enhancements. Microsoft releases updates for the application from time to time & you can get them without encountering any problem. Most of the unnecessary features are removed from the Portable version of Office 2013 while other light features are added.

Overview Of MS Office 2013 Portable

Microsoft Office 2013 Portable powerful tool for creating wonderful presentations, Word documents, spreadsheets, databases & much more. This light weighted và super fast Office 2013 Portable gained its familiarity among the users because of its performance. It contains all the important and lightweight features that every Office users intover to use. Some of the heavy features và effects are replaced with light features. So, the application performs much faster as compared lớn the heavy or normal version of Office 2013.

You have all the features và tools available lớn you in this version of Office. You can now spover more time creating wonderful project and less time waiting for the application to catch up with you. New technology improvements are made khổng lồ Microsoft Office 2013 Portable. This version is specifically designed for users having an issue installing the heavy version of Office 2013 on their computer devices. You can install the Portable version of Office 2013 on your computer device or you even run it directly without installing.

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Apart from all the other enhancements & features updates, the performance of the application is the main thing lớn focus on. You can feel the difference in performance right from the launch of the application. Even on low configuration/specs devices it runs smoothly & works faster than before. It can even run directly from an external hard drive or a USB stiông xã. You can also run it from an optical drive sầu. Other enhancements are made khổng lồ the interface of the application. Printing, importing, exporting và other options are greatly reviewed in this Portable version.


Other Interesting Features

The New Interface

The Portable version of Office 2013 got a new interface. This interface is also available in the heavy version of Office 2013. You can experience some of the heavy features in the light version. These heavy tools and features are optimized for low-end devices. The new interface is fully customizable. More options are available than the previous versions of Office. You can find any tool, effect, and feature right away.

The new interface of Office 2013 is fully optimized for touch screen devices. You can run the Portable version of Office 2013 on any touch screen device lượt thích tablets and new generation touch screen laptops. The interface of Office 2013 offers helpful tips và tricks for using your Office application the right way and also save sầu you time. You don’t need lớn search for tools. The search feature available in Portable Office 2013 helps you find the right tool for your project.

Support For cảm ứng Devices

Microsoft Office 2013 Portable now provides support for touch screen devices. This feature was not available in the previous versions of MS Office. Luckily, this version gives you the opportunity khổng lồ use Office on touch screen devices. All the light feature available in the Portable version of Office 2013 are supported by touch devices. All the menus and tabs in Office applications are optimized for easy touch use. Everything included in the Portable version of Office 2013 is touch-optimized. Create documents & presentations on the with touch optimized interface.