'tango' windows phone updates rolling out to nokia users

It looks like the latest batch of updates khổng lồ the "Mango" Windows Phone operating system are starting to roll out, commencing with Nocơ handsets.

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These updates will be rolling out in June and July, according to a June 27 Notê Conversations blog post. WPCentral reported that some Nocơ 710 users on Rogers in Canadomain authority were getting these updates as of last week. (WPCentral và WMPoweruser noted the coming Tango updates today, as well.)

A quiông xã codename refresher for those who thought we were already up to "Apollo," or Windows Phone OS 8: Tango is the Microsoft codename for a handful of updates khổng lồ the last major Windows Phone OS, version 7.1 (or 7.5 -- Microsoft uses both numbers in various ways to refer lớn Mango). Microsoft announced Tango without ever using the codename baông xã in February of this year.

Earlier this year, when announcing Tango, Microsoft officials said that Tango (Mango plus a few new features) would be the default on new handsets, including lower-powered ones. “After the new (Tango) devices are out, we’ll start the process of working with thiết bị di động operators to lớn bring an update to lớn current customers, but it’ll be a few months before we have sầu specifics on that roll out," a spokesperson told me at that time.

I asked again this week when we existing Mango handmix users would get the Tango update. I was told by a spokesperson that Microsoft would post an update lớn its "Windows Phone Update History" page once that update was ready for existing Windows Phone users. As of today, June 27, there"s no new update on Microsoft"s page since the "disappearing keyboard fix" update, which Microsoft made available in January 2012.

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Update: The Microsoft Windows Phone History page was updated as of June 28 khổng lồ include mention of a new update -- which is seemingly Tango. That update, 7.10.8773.98, is listed as including new multiple message attachments for text messages; SIM-thẻ tương tác exporting; and "other quality improvements." The update is listed as being "not available in all markets or for all phones."

The Tango updates that all Windows Phone users are expecting may include wifi tethering ("Internet sharing"). Wifi tethering is one of the features some thought to be part of the Tango updates, but it"s really more of a hidden Mango feature. The Nocơ update page makes it seem "flip to silence" (flip your phone over to silence incoming alerts & calls) may be another of these Tango updates that some/all current Windows Phone users will get.

Last week, Microsoft officials made it official that existing Windows Phone handsets, including all of the currently shipping Nokia Lumia models, will not get the Apollo operating system, expected out later this year. Instead, existing Windows Phone users get the Windows Phone OS 7.8 update, which includes only UI changes including the addition of a third, user-selectable tile kích thước, plus the removal of the right-hvà gutter on the Start screen. (I know some believe sầu there will be other Apollo features in the 7.8 update, but I asked again lớn be sure this week & was still told by a Microsoft spokesperson this would be a UI-only feature update.)

Nocơ is intending khổng lồ keep its Lumia phones "fresh" by adding other new features lớn its handsets, officials said last week. These additions include new camera enhancements ("Camera Extras"), contact-sharing, và "Counters" (metering usage monitoring). These additions are rolling out now & through July.

Update: What about Lumia 900 users? When will they get Tango? It seems from this Nokia liên kết (thanks
ZuneTracks said it"s Canadian Lumia 900s that have sầu Tango, but U.S. Lumia 900 users are going to have to lớn wait for the Windows Phone 7.8 update to get these features. For the record, Microsoft officials won"t say when the 7.8 update will be out. I am checking with Nokia to lớn see if anyone there will verify this information.

Update No. 2: This just in from a Nocơ spokesperson:

"The Nocơ Lumia 900 supports wi-fi tethering. AT&T requires a separate data plan to lớn tư vấn the feature. The flip-to-silence feature for the Lumia 900 is planned but we vì not have sầu a date for that yet."