Trying lớn run a program but getting an error message saying there is not enough space available on the disk(s) to lớn complete this operation? This has something to lớn vày with the functionality of your device. This article is your guide to lớn declutter your device and fix there is not enough space on the disk.



I am getting this error:

"There is not enough memory or disk space lớn complete the operation"

RemoteException wrapping System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException: There is not enough memory or disk space lớn complete the operation. So the robot starts working và when it"s arriving at "Word application scope" it"s giving that error. I have Hãng sản xuất Intel i3, 8GB RAM, and 256 GB SSD (180GB free). I looked at Task Manager and when the robot it"s working it reaches at some points 100% of the CPU, but the RAM it"s ok, it"s 60% from the whole RAM and the robot itself it"s using 500MB of RAM.

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The problem can be that the CPU is not good enough? Also, vị you have sầu any workaround?


When you try lớn run more than one program on your device, you may face some tốc độ issues. It is because every program needs some space on the CPU lớn run efficiently. Though the devices are meant for this pursuit, yet sometimes due khổng lồ overburdening or little space, you receive sầu an error message i.e. there is not enough space on the disk to lớn complete this operation. This represents low or nearly no space left on the disk to lớn facilitate the program/operation. This article will help you with certain quick-fix solutions lớn get rid of not enough space on a disk.

As mentioned above, the error i.e. there is not enough space on the disk has everything to vì with the space available for programs to lớn run accordingly on CPU. With no or little space left, it is difficult for the device lớn support programs or operations to lớn complete on the device. You may confront two types of an error message:

Error 1 - "Not enough memory available to complete this operation. Quit one or more applications to lớn increase available memory, và then try again."

Error 2 - "There is not enough space available on the disk(s) to complete this operation."

Both of the error messages have sầu svào backgrounds that cause these errors khổng lồ appear & hinder the functionality. As an alternative sầu, if you think to move some unused space from other disk drives to lớn your disk management drive, you may face another error saying extover volume is grayed out. Hence, again you face a dead over. This article explains all possible reasons causing there is not enough space on the disk to complete this operation or disk management there is not enough space available along with quick-fix methods khổng lồ fix the problem. Here are the topics that would be discussed in detail.

Part 1: What Causes the Error?

As mentioned earlier, the space linked error i.e. there is not enough space on the disk to complete this operation has some underlying situations or reasons that aggravate the issue. Using disk management khổng lồ shrink the files & folders to create space, you can get another error message saying disk management there is not enough space available. A potential reason that overt the disk management functioning is the application running as a program on the device, it can make certain changes in the way that you open the disk management và you may see little or no space at all. Apart from this, some other reasons are ending up in this error.

1. Not enough space for the specified operation:

You may receive sầu an error message when you try khổng lồ delete a partition và you get free space instead of unallocated space. To resolve the issue, you have to lớn create a new partition with unallocated space.

2. Disk management utility error:

The disk management utility itself can be the reason behind the error. In the process of shrinking the files or folders or shrinking volume, you may get the error message. It can also appear at times when you are trying to move sầu the unmovable files located in the middle of the disk.

3. MBR partition limit:

In the case of your dynamic disk, you only have sầu 1MB of unallocated space available. Any limit exceeding this would generate the error. Hence, in all the above-mentioned cases, you may receive sầu the error message and you won"t be able khổng lồ run the specific program on the device.

Part 2: Scenarios of Not Enough Space on the Disk khổng lồ Complete This Operation

Disk Management is a very useful tool in Windows, through it you can make modifications to lớn your disks such as creating partitions, shrink volume, extend volume or convert basic disk lớn dynamic. Generally, these tasks are very easy to do & it is enough khổng lồ make a few clicks for you khổng lồ complete them; however, it may show you a window with the message "There is not enough space available on the disk to complete this operation."

You may be distressed after reading this message, but this problem is very comtháng and below I will tell you why it occurs:


1. Not Enough Space Available on The Disk lớn Create Partition

The error may arise because Disk Management is a tool that can’t create partitions in a không tính tiền space. Therefore, you must delete that không lấy phí space và create the partition which will now be the unallocated space.

2. Not Enough Space Available on The Disk to lớn Shrink Volume

It is comtháng for certain applications to lớn host files that cannot be modified or altered on the disk and Disk Management processes this as an error. You can choose the option "Rescan Disks" within this tool lớn fix this problem.

3. Not Enough Space Available on The Disk to Extend Volume

Even though you are sure you have enough space to extover volume Disk Management can show this error. Like the previous situation, this problem can be caused by files created by applications that cannot be altered and the tool mistakenly detects that they occupy a space greater than the real one. Through "Rescan Disks" you can surely fix this problem.

4. Not Enough Space Available on The Disk khổng lồ Convert Basic Disk to Dynamic

You may want lớn convert your basic disk lớn dynamic but have sầu Disk Management show you this error. This may be due khổng lồ the fact that for this process to complete, a database is generated that has a certain weight & the volume space is insufficient. To correct this problem, you will have to bởi the volume shrink process lớn save sầu space và then vì chưng this task.

The error "There is not enough available disk space khổng lồ complete this operation" is quite comtháng when you use Disk Management & want to lớn make modifications khổng lồ your disk. We have sầu already reviewed that the problem is normally due, in effect, khổng lồ a laông xã of disk space or lớn files that alter the reading of this Windows tool.

In addition lớn choosing the option "Rescan Disks" as a solution, it is suggested that before doing the task you want, you delete unnecessary files from your documents such as temporary files, duplicated files, as well as uninstalling programs that you no longer use và documents that are unknown khổng lồ you, this will not only help you to save space on your disk, but you will also clean unnecessary files that can interfere with the modifications you want to lớn make in your disk.

Part 3: Solutions for Not Enough Space Available on the Disk

As soon as you are aware of the potential reason causing the error i.e. there is not enough space on the disk, you need some svào solutions to resolve sầu the issue. This section is all about the solutions. Let"s get started!

Method 1. Rescan Disks

For shrinking the volume or partitions, you need to lớn go for a double-check method i.e. go for a rescan of disk management. Here are the steps:

Step 1: In the main menu, tìm kiếm disk management & open the utility.

Step 2: Right-cliông xã on the disk management & in the drop-down thực đơn, select the option of action followed by selecting rescan disks.

Step 3: Reload the partition và complete the action by shrinking the volume.

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Method 2. Chechồng Current Partitions

In case you receive sầu an error message regarding no space available on disk, it is probably because you have sầu reached the limit of space on an allowed partition. If you ate using windows as an operating system, by default you are using the MBR partition system. This is an old one. With the lademo updates, the partition system being used is GPT. This allows for more than 4 partition space as compared lớn MBR. So shifting from MBR khổng lồ GPT may resolve the error, as you get additional space to lớn run the programs.

Method 3. Convert Basic Disk to Dynamic

Converting the basic disk with no space to a dynamic disk will available space can also work. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Start the process by heading towards the basic disk and right-clichồng on it.

Step 2: In the drop-down menu, select the option of the convert khổng lồ a dynamic disk.

Step 3: follow all the instruction wizards to complete the action.

In case if you still face the error even after converting the basic disk to lớn dynamic, it is possible that there is no không tính tiền space nor partitioned in the process. For resolving the error, you have sầu khổng lồ shrink the last partition to lớn make space. You can use the feature of shrink volume.


Method 4. Fix the Error That Occurs While Creating Partition

To create space, you can go for the option of creating new partitions. Creating partition with unallocated space can allow the program to lớn run efficiently. In this process you can get the error messages, resolving those errors can help. Deleting the free space is a way out.

Step 1: Press Windows key + R simultaneously to launch the run dialogue box. Once launched, type diskmgmt.msc & clichồng ok to launch disk management.

Step 2: Make a right-cliông chồng & in the drop-down thực đơn, select the option of delete volume & complete the action by following wizards.

Step 3: Now again right-click on the unallocated space & in the drop-down thực đơn select the option of new simple volume. Complete the process by following wizard actions.

Method 5. Fix the Error That Occurs While Shrinking Partition

While shrinking the partitions, you may receive certain errors. By resolving the error you can get space to lớn run the programs on the device. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Launch disk management and select the option of action followed by selecting rescan disks.


Step 2: Now shrink the volume and reload the disk.

Method 6. Try Disk Defragmenter lớn Free up Disk Space

If nothing works from the built-in mechanisms, you can try a tool i.e. disk defragmenter. This tool will help lớn free up the disk space. As you create partitions, you are left with some fragments on the disk, they can create problems. Removing them can help.

Step 1: In the main menu of windows, type disk defragmenter in the search box & launch the tool.

Step 2: Select the targeted disk that you want to lớn defragment & click the option of analysis. If the percentage of the program exceeds 10%, you can continue the process of defragmentation.


Step 3: Click on the disk defragmenter to lớn complete the action.

Hence, if you are dealing with the issues linked to disk space, you may confront the error message i.e. there is not enough space available on the disk(s) lớn complete this operation or disk management there is not enough space available. Probably the issue is with the MBR limit or the disk management utility itself. This article explains the error in detail along with its three potential reasons. Moreover, six quick-fix solutions ae explained with detailed steps. All are the built-in mechanisms including resolving errors that arise while shrinking volumes or creating partitions. You can also use a tool i.e. disk defragmenter khổng lồ remove sầu the fragments present on the disk.