A Poketháng Go Hack is any tool, modification, tiện ích, software, fake GPS spoofing tiện ích, bot, script or technique that allows players of the game lớn gain unfair advantages in on Android và iOS alượt thích, get more rare và more powerful Poketháng, more không lấy phí Poke-Coins / Money / Gems, Stardust, Items, Legendary Poketháng, in-game Cash và other goodies. – While there are many ways of cheating in Pokemon Go, such as mod APKs and bots, hacks for unlimited free Pokecoins / Coins, Stardust, Money, miễn phí in-game purchases and Masterballs vì not exist and are always kém chất lượng.

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Poketháng Go Hacks

The main game hacking methods, rather the most prolific techniques used lớn gain unfair advantages in Pokemon Go are the use of modded game clients, such as APK mods or iOS modified game apps that come with cheating functionality coded right into the game app itself, the use of game hacking tools that achieves much the same effects, but requiring a lot more user input & work to lớn get to work, the use of kém chất lượng GPS locations & GPS spoofing in order lớn play the game without actually having lớn move sầu around, the use of bots in combination with spoofing khổng lồ automatically farm the game for miễn phí coins, items, pokemtháng & leveling all your poketháng lớn max more easily. – Besides these main methods, there are also some less popular methods lượt thích exploiting, which is probably the cheat with the most potential besides bots & some other minor client-side game modding methods. Overall game hackers in Poketháng Go are spoiled with a huge choice and will have no trouble to find some means that fits them perfectly.


GPS Spoofing / Nhái GPS Location

Using different game hacking tools & apps, it is also possible to lớn spoof or fake your GPS location in order to lớn travel anywhere in the world quickly và catch any poketháng anywhere in the world. However, this has khổng lồ be done carefully, since Niantic has implemented some anti-cheating checks preventing teleporting & moving way too fast. However GPS spoofing cheatss will make farming star dust, catching legendary poketháng and raids a lot easier, allow you to catch all the pokeao ước & max them easily, get more items, more không lấy phí poke-coins, rare candies, consumables, star dust and other goodies. While most apps that allow for GPS spoof functionality require a root in order to work, needing lớn overwrite your phones actual GPS signal, it is possible to use Android & iOS emulators lớn use kém chất lượng GPS signals with no root and no jailbrake required on your actual physical Smartphone gaming device that you use lớn play Pokemon Go in your spare time as you are able to connect lớn the same account.


Pokemon Go Mods

Mods for Pokemon Go are usually modified or modded game files that are simply và easily downloaded for miễn phí and installed instad of the original game on Android or iOS devices. Once the modded Pokemon Go game is installed, you simply start the game and you will have cheats và Poketháng Go hacks activated right from the start. Possible cheats include: Auto catching pokemon, auto curve balls, excellent/perfect throws, tự động research completion & more. However, Pokemon Go mods are usually outdated quickly, so make sure yours are up to lớn date before downloading. – While using mods is much easier than all the alternatives, the installation process will still require users lớn follow some simple instructions in order to get the modded game client khổng lồ work correctly. While running a mod will technically require no root and no jailbroken device, the installation process will generally require users to replace system files or modify the, which in many di động devices cannot be done without admin access.


Mod Menus

Generally the most premium & most exclusive modded game apps out there for Poketháng Go, thủ thuật menus are better than their normal counterparts in almost every way: Made by the best developers in the game cheating industry, coming with more and more powerful features, better compatibility, better performance, better anti-cheat detection rates, faster updates, better support & the iconic in-game thực đơn that gives this cheating software its name & allows cheaters lớn enable, disable và often customize individual features of the phầm mềm at will. – Overall one of the best cheats out there & may even be downloaded for free as many creators & providers make free limited or ‘lite’ versions available for không lấy phí users to download easily.


Game Hacking Tools

While tools are much harder khổng lồ use correctly than modded game apps, they are generally more consistent and the methods used here lớn implement cheats bởi generally not get outdated with every single update, patch or hotfix that the Pokemon Go game client receives. The most popular options when it comes to software used are trò chơi Guardian for Android & Game Gem for iOS respectively. In order to get started following the in-depth guides & tutorials out there you will need some basic knowledge about memory editing & some motivation khổng lồ learn, else you are almost certainly going to fail. The tools used in memory editing will almost always require a root or jailbroken di động device in order to lớn work, but there are script out there that act as a kind of thủ thuật menu or trainer that can automate a lot of the game modding procedures for you, but will get outdated as quickly as mods.


Exploits & Glitches

The use of temporary bugs lớn break a game and gain unfair advantages is called exploiting or using a ‘glitch’ and is one of the cheating methods with the greakiểm tra potential for overpowered features out there in Poketháng Go: Anything, even if usually impossible, unlimited không tính phí coins / pokecoins, infinite stardust, unlimited CP, unlimited master balls, sản phẩm duplication, god modes, spawning poketháng & even không lấy phí in-tiện ích purchases can become possible using the right bugs until the developers eventually & inevitably patch and hotfix the pugs and issues that made the exploit possible in the first place. Overall, while extremely rare và hard to lớn find, glitches are the most powerful cheats in Pokemon Go and will generally require no root & no jailbrake khổng lồ use, making it the most beginner-friendly and easy-to-use method on top of everything else.


Generators và Online Tools

Poketháng Go is an online game. As you certainly have sầu noticed if you played early, Nintendo / Niantic severs have to lớn be working in order for the game lớn run on your side. That is also the reason why you can’t get a God Mode, or Master Balls or miễn phí PokeCoins, Money cheats or không tính tiền in-tiện ích purchases in any way. These datasets concerning the inventory và currencies of your tài khoản are stored on the Servers and cannot be hacked due to server-side processing. Anyone that claims to lớn have sầu some kind of “generator” or “adder” that gives you legendary Pokétháng like Mew, Mewtwo, Zaptos ect is trying khổng lồ get you to fill in some survey, download some virus, maybe both or scam you in some other way. So don’t trust people promising the impossible. BTW that applies to life as much as to Poketháng Go as well. trò chơi modding tools can only modify data on your điện thoại device, known as client-side data, & not VPS data. While servers can theoretically be hacked, this would be highly illegal, và no one wants khổng lồ go lớn prison for some virtual game coins.



Imagine you don’t have lớn leave sầu your trang chủ, walk or catch poketháng at all và an automated bot running on your phone or PC will simply vị all the work of hatching eggs, catching poketháng, walking using fake GPS data, finding rare poketháng such as Snorlax, Lapras, Mew, Mewtwo or even Arceus on its own without you having to vì anything. – That is exactly what a Poketháng Go catching and farming bot can bởi. It will automatically collect goodies from pokestops, fight gyms, catch poketháng, turn weak pokemon into lớn candies và beef up your strongest poketháng.

Bots can theoretically be run on iOS, Android or PC, but generally are run on PC, since it offer the most stable internet connection and is the most popular platsize ahy vọng not only users, but also bot developers. The bot will connect lớn Pokemon Go directly and automatically play the game by sending packets. So you will not even need an emulator lớn bot the game at all.


Aulớn Catching / Poke ball throw Scripts

Of course bots can also be used khổng lồ eliminate human error from the game and perfectly thrown poke balls / master balls và any other balls at the poketháng you want to lớn catch, giving you the best chances to lớn catch them successfully for every single ball you throw. AI bots have sầu perfect reaction time and mechanics, making lag / latency the only factor that is still able khổng lồ mess up your perfect throw when using any kind of macro, bot or script to lớn catch automatically for you.

Mod Money

As we have firmly established at this point, money cheats are not possible in Poektháng Go due to lớn server-side processing of your coins, star dust & similar game data. – However, this is not stopping what feels like millions of shady phầm mềm modding sites from advertising their questionable downloads for Poketháng Go with the ‘hack money’ feature for infinite coins. – It should go without saying that all these mods should be avoided for your sản phẩm điện thoại devices security at all costs as advertising impossible features usually means nothing positive: If you must try such ứng dụng downloads and you vì chưng not believe us, at least use an emulator as lớn not get your actual Android or iOS thiết bị di động gaming device infected with adware, malware or worse.

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Poketháng Go Hacked APKs và Hacked IPAs

Hacked Game Clients in the khung of modded APK (Android) và IPA (iOS) files are the most common and safe way lớn hack Pokemon Go at this time. However, there are no infinite Coins, or unlimited XP.., Master Balls & so on. This is an online game and all the important information on your trương mục, such as your Pokemon, their CP and so on are stored on the Niantic servers that cannot be hacked using any means. So with other words: Hacks such as CPhường hacks & God Modes are unfortunately not really in the realm of possibility.

However, modded game files can allow you to catch Pokémon instantly, change coordinates, move sầu by dragging your screen, use game lag khổng lồ duplicate items, tự động hóa collect pokestops, auto fight và make your “hitbox” bigger so you can collect và catch more stuff around you. Most modded game files are paid downloads, but once in a blue moon, they are offered for không tính phí as well. Don’t trust people offering them using surveys.

Poketháng Go Cheating FAQ

Below we are answering some of the most frequently asked questions concerning cheating in the game and are addressing some of the most pressing issues, problems and support inquiries we are most often approached with:

Is hacking the game legal?

Cheating in any kind of game is 100% legal all over the world. Of course people generally wont love you for it, but the worst thing that can happen is that your trương mục gets a warning or banned from the game. Keep in mind that Niantic và Nintenvì vì chưng have the right to lớn ban anyone from their services.

How can I cheat in Poketháng Go myself?

There is a surprisingly huge amount of ways lớn cheat in this very simple game. The most popular way khổng lồ cheat by far is the use of Fake GPS data in order to lớn travel wherever you want at any time, without having to, you know, actually go there, và in order lớn keep walking an hatch your poke eggs faster. Using automated bots lớn farm catch Pokétháng is very effective at leveling your tài khoản as well that is gaining popularity.

There are also some other client side scripts for iOS, Android & Emulators that allow you khổng lồ automatically get great poke ball throws, some scripts that allow you to lớn trade Pokémon for candies quicker without having lớn press a lot of buttons & some minor hacks. However, there are NO hacks or generators for PokeCoins (Money), unlimited health, CPhường Hacks or thành tích hacks for master balls ect of any kind. (These values are processed on the VPS and cannot be hacked)

How vì chưng I cheat using an Emulated Android Device using modified GPS Position Data?

This is how you can get fake GPS data to work in Poketháng go. This little haông xã works best on Android, but may also be quite possible on a Rooted + Jailbroken iOS device as well. Root is required, since you need lớn run a system ứng dụng with root privileges to inject giả GPS data into lớn the game: 1. Root your Android / iOS / Emulator 2. Install a Fake GPS App & give sầu it root privilgeges 3. Start Pokemon Go 4. Start the Fake GPS App 5. Change your coordinates in The GPS tiện ích 6. Play Poketháng Go và teleport around 7. Don’t teleport too far at once. Keep it realistic. No more than a quarter of a mile / 500m at ance. 8. Congratulations, you just hacked Pokémon Go yourself.

Are Nhái GPS Hacks Detectable và will I get banned?

It all depends on how you are using the cheat, but if you are knowledgeable enough to get your Smartphone device rooted, and getting this khổng lồ work, then you will probably also be able to lớn apply comtháng sense & not get banned. You will generally get soft-banned for a few hours if you “teleport” too far instantly. If you want lớn “travel” large Distances using Nhái GPS data on Android or iOS, you will need khổng lồ turn the game off for a reasonable amount of time, then change your GPS location & start the game again. Traveling instantly can easily get you banned permanently, especially over very large distances so try khổng lồ keep everything under half a mile / 1km & you should almost always be fine.

However, the anti-cheating measures from Niantic, the developers of the game, are likely to be amped up soon. So I would recommover you travel in the smallest increments possible. Just to lớn be sure. Especially if you want to lớn cheat on your main tài khoản.

Is Hacking Poketháng Go easier on Android, iOS or PC?

As always the easiest way is to lớn emulate an app android device on PC & then cheat that way, it will easily allow you lớn mix up scripts, advanced bots lớn farm Pokétháng and travel using giả GPS & automatically transfer Pokétháng away for candies, automatically evolve sầu, automatically hatch và incubate ect.

Between Android and Apple iOS devices its definitively easier khổng lồ cheat on Android, since it is more popular in terms on numbers and easier to lớn preate scripts for with Google giving a lot of tools to even more people. However rooting you phone is a must for kém chất lượng GPS, so you are literally running the risk of soft bricking your phone if you don’t know what you are doing, which is why I really recommend either doing it on PC first or having a pro vì it for you. Baông chồng up your phone before you try rooting anything, please. Pokemon Go might not be worth bricking your 400$ phone over.

Are there Auto Catching và Farming Bots for Pokemon Go?

Yes there are, but they all are used along with giả position data và require a rooted device. The only kind of script that does not require a rooted phone is the tự động hóa pokeball throwing script that will achieve sầu great throws 100% of the time. However, these kinds of scripts are usually programmed on Windows PC.

Bots can potentially play the whole game for you, since it is pretty simple: Catch poketháng, roam around, use PokeStops, incubate eggs, tự động walk, màn chơi up your character, transfer away poketháng with low CP.., keep high CP., evolve sầu high CPhường when farmed enough candies, keep highest CPhường evolutions. A bot can really vì most things in Poketháng Go automatically. The only thing left would be lớn choose what Pokétháng to lớn power up with your insane amounts of star dust.

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