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a game by Sony Imagesoft
Genre: Action
Platforms: PC, Playstation
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 3 Review, 7 Review are shown
User Rating: 7.9/10 - 15 votes
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The last time we saw Twisted Metal 2 it was simply a previews of what was lớn come. Sure, we got to play a bit of it, but after returning khổng lồ the office, we wanted more. Sketches of the kết thúc cinemas & various levels helped our hunger but something was still missing. We wanted to lớn hold the controller in our hands và play the game. We wanted the carnage of TM2. Our wait is over-but not yet complete.

As mentioned in last month"s pĐánh Giá feature, Twisted Metal is everything the first one was & so much more.

So what has changed from the very early version we played some time ago? The story is still the same. The evil Calypso has put together another deadly Twisted Metal tournament. The first left L.A. in ruins. Being a mastermind criminal (& unofficially a psycho) Calypso wasn"t nội dung. He wanted to go worldwide and that"s what TM2 is. The World Tour, in all of its twisted glory.

There are 12 characters to lớn choose from. Now that we actually have a playable copy of the game, we can show each of the players with their respective oto. There is also talk of secret characters. If & when these are available, we will be sure lớn pass on the information to readers. Each of the characters has its own quality special weapon.

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On top of the special weapon, players can obtain a whole arsenal of weapons. These include napalm, rockets, homing missiles, ricochet bombs, power rockets, remote explosives, a lightning bolt amuốn others. Boy oh boy, if napalm won"t take care of an enemy, who knows what will. Of course players also have sầu the standard machine guns. Each car has turbo boosters which run out of gas but can be replenished by finding the turbo power-up.

Can there be more? Of course! Each vehicle can also use a whole array of special moves. As mentioned in last month"s pReview, these moves are Up, Up, Down, Down type moves. Some include a force shield, a jump, a freeze beam và l& mines. Since the copy of Twisted Metal 2 that we have sầu not yet complete, the special moves cannot be released (they may change). Fret not, when the moves are confirmed, we vày what it takes to get you the special moves as soon as they"re available. From what we have heard about the various moves, they"ll be pretty cool looking as well as effective sầu against the enemies gamers face in the levels of Twisted Metal 2.

Stay tuned khổng lồ us in upcoming issues for more exclusive sầu coverage of Twisted Metal 2 as it makes its way lớn being completed.

Then it will be truly safe to say that our hunger for harmless death và destruction will be satisfied...for now.

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