Read this guide carefully & make the final decision lớn unloông chồng bootloader of your Redmày 5 Plus vince.

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Tweaking your Xiaomày Redmày 5 Plus vince? The first step khổng lồ start tweaking the Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus vince is khổng lồ unlock the Xiaomày bootloader. You may need to lớn root your device or install a custom rom, for everything you need to unloông chồng the bootloader of Xiaongươi Redngươi 5 Plus vince.

Not every phone will allow you khổng lồ unlochồng the bootloader. Some manufacturers will not allow you lớn unlochồng the bootloader officially for some security reasons.

In case, the unlocking facility of the bootloader is not provided by the manufacturer officially, then you may need lớn wait until the developer’s community finds a way khổng lồ unlock the bootloader by unofficial methods.

In this article, we will kiểm tra if it is possible to lớn unlock the bootloader of your Xiaongươi Redmi 5 Plus vince & the steps to lớn unloông chồng the bootloader of Xiaomi.

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Chechồng if Bootloader is unlocked on Xiaongươi Redmày 5 Plus vinceHow to unlochồng bootloader on Xiaomày Redmày 5 Plus vince

What is a Bootloader & What is it for?

A Bootloader is one of the components that you can find in any operating system, both desktop, & sản phẩm điện thoại devices. Its mission is to vị several checks before starting the operating system to lớn make sure everything is correct, & it also gives the operating system the necessary instructions lớn start up.

Therefore, when you start a computer or điện thoại thông minh, the Bootloader will first start to see that everything is in place. That is, the operating system components are there where they are supposed lớn be, and that everything can start correctly. And then it guides the operating system in what steps to lớn take during the startup process.

For practical purposes và simplifying it so that it is easy khổng lồ underst& when you press the power button on your Xiaomày Redmi 5 Plus vince, it turns on. The Bootloader will be launched to load the operating system.

First, it checks the boot & recovery partitions, & if everything is correct, the operating system kernel runs khổng lồ finish its initialization. And if something goes wrong, the user gets an error message explaining why the system could not start.

The bootloader can be locked or unlocked and is developed by the device manufacturer. In general, it is almost always locked, which means that it can only boot the partitions that have a digital signature from the manufacturer or operator of your thiết bị di động.

But some manufacturers also decide lớn give some freedom to lớn users who buy their devices, and allow the Bootloader to be unlocked, something that in Android is usually done with a combination of keys when possible. Doing so opens the door lớn being able lớn install Custom ROMs, root your Xiaongươi Redmày 5 Plus vince, & much more.

Why is it important to lớn have the Bootloader unlocked in Xiaomi Redmày 5 Plus vince?

As we have explained a little above sầu, by keeping the bootloader locked on Xiaomi Redmày 5 Plus vince, the manufacturer makes sure that the operating system of your Xiaomi Redngươi 5 Plus vince cannot be modified.

So if this is a security measure, why is it important khổng lồ allow Bootloader unloông chồng on Android?

One of the main features of Android is freedom. Users can not only use the features provided by the manufacturer but also can bring modifications to the operating system that is installed on it.

Android has a whole internal world with so-called custom ROMs, alternative versions that have sầu not been developed by Google or the manufacturers, but by independent groups of developers.

With them, for example, updated versions of Android can be installed when the manufacturer has already decided lớn stop updating a điện thoại operating system.

Come on, if your Mobile stayed on Android 8, you could use a custom ROM to install Android 10.

Disadvantages of unlocking Bootloader on Xiaomi Redngươi 5 Plus vince

You have sầu numerous advantages on unlocking the bootloader on Xiaongươi Redmi 5 Plus vince. But also we have sầu some disadvantages on unlocking the bootloader.

The main disadvantage is that you will thua thảm the guarantee (but lượt thích any door, just like the Bootloader unlocked, in some cases, it can be locked again to recover the guarantee, so it is not such a strong disadvantage).

All the data on your device will be wiped while the bootloader unlocking process is carried out on Xiaomi Redmày 5 Plus vince.

As you’ll see, there are more advantages than disadvantages. Personally, what I like the most is being able khổng lồ enjoy any custom ROM on Xiaomi Redmày 5 Plus vince.

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Prerequisites before unlocking bootloader on Xiaongươi Redmày 5 Plus vince

If you have tried lớn unlock the bootloader earlier, then kiểm tra if the bootloader is unlocked.Take a backup of your Xiaongươi Redmày 5 Plus vince so that you can recover the data that was lost from your Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus vince during the process.Make sure you have sầu the original USB Cable with you.Your Xiaomi Redmày 5 Plus vince should have sầu a minimum 80% charge. The unlocking process may take some more time.

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Once you have sầu made sure that the above points are taken inlớn consideration, you can now move sầu into the bootloader unlocking process for Xiaomày Redngươi 5 Plus vince.
Disclaimer: team or the author of this guide is not responsible for any failure during the process. If you wish to lớn go forward, please bởi vì it your own risk. As a precaution, read this entire file at least once before you start!×Dismiss alert

Check if Bootloader is unlocked on Xiaongươi Redmày 5 Plus vince

Here are the two ways in which you can kiểm tra if the bootloader is unlocked on your Xiaongươi Redmày 5 Plus vince. The first method is a quichồng step which is possible by just dialing a code on your phone app. The second one needs a PC from which you need lớn try with comm& lines.

Cheông xã it from Mobile

On many devices, it is available lớn check if the bootloader is unlocked in the dial pad. If this doesn’t work for you, please try the next method explained in this article.

To kiểm tra the bootloader status directly from your Xiaongươi Redmi 5 Plus vince, follow the steps:


Open Phone App or DIalpad.Enter *#*#7378423*#*#A window will be automatically popped. mở cửa Service information.cảm biến & Open Settings or Configurations.Check the message displayed on the screen.

Bootloader Unloông chồng Allowed – Yes >> This means that your Bootloader is Locked. Bootloader Unlocked – Yes >> This means that your Bootloader is unlocked.

In some cases, this method does not work. Then try the following.

Cheông chồng it via PC

It is possible to check the bootloader status from the PC by connecting your Xiaongươi Redmi 5 Plus vince to the PC. The process is pretty simple. But you have to download tools on your pc khổng lồ check the bootloader status.


Install ADB flash tool on your PC.Connect your Xiaomày Redmày 5 Plus vince to lớn the PC via USB cable.Now open the folder where your adb & fastboot package is extracted, press the Shift key on your keyboard and right-click in the thư mục, and select “Open command prompt here“.A Command Prompt window will be opened.Chechồng if your Xiaongươi Redmày 5 Plus vince is detected by the PC. For that, enter “fastboot devices” on the commvà line. If the device is detected, the device will be shown in the comm& prompt. Else you need to check the connection of the phone to lớn the PC & also kiểm tra if the device driver is installed correctly.Next, run the “fastboot oem device-info” command which will show you the bootloader status of Xiaomi Redmày 5 Plus vince.

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How to unlochồng bootloader on Xiaongươi Redngươi 5 Plus vince


Here we sharing the method to unlochồng the bootloader of Xiaongươi Redmày 5 Plus vince. Please bởi it at your own risk. We are not responsible for any damage caused. If you feel any difficulties, please bình luận below.

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Steps khổng lồ Unlock Bootloader on Your Xiaomày 5 Plus Redngươi vince

We have sầu split this process inkhổng lồ a few steps so that you can understand it easily. Follow the steps one by one.

Step 1: Enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking on Your Xiaongươi 5 Plus Redmày vince

On your Xiaomày 5 Plus Redmày vince, go lớn the system settings and look for the "Device Information" section.Press several times on the "Build number" section until a warning appears indicating that you have sầu unlocked the development options.Go bachồng, & access the Developer Options / Developer Options menu on Settings.Find & enable the "OEM Unlock" option.Find & activate the option "USB debugging."

Step 2: Make sure you have a mày tài khoản.

If you don"t have a ngươi account, you can create an tài khoản in settings > mi accounts.

Step 3: Boot your Xiaomi 5 Plus Redmi vince into lớn bootloader/fastboot mode.

You can boot into the bootloader with hardware buttons. We have sầu mentioned below.

Method via holding buttons.

Press and hold the power button on your Xiaongươi 5 Plus Redmi vince. Tap Power nguồn off.After the phone is switched off, press và hold the key. nguồn + volume increase buttons at the same time.Release the keys when the quick start mode thực đơn is displayed.

Step 4: Next, you need to download the mi flash unloông chồng tool. Link in the download section.

Make sure you have installed USB drivers on your pc. For check navigate to device manager you see the "Android ADB Interface"

Step 5: Connect the device to the computer, and run the miflash_unlock.exe pháo tệp tin, và sign in to my tài khoản on pc.

At the new interface, you have sầu to clichồng on the unlochồng button. Wait until the process is completed. Once you get the error message like wait 48 hours, you have to lớn wait for it.Step 6: After completing the process the bootloader is unlocked. Enjoy!

Download Required Files Below

Hope you can unloông xã the bootloader of your Xiaomày Redmi 5 Plus vince with this guide. If you have sầu any doubts, issues, or suggestions regarding this article, please bình luận below. We would love khổng lồ hear from you.

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