Android rooting is the ideal way to get more control over your smartphone, opening up a world of unknown possibilities, but it’s important to lớn approach it with caution. Rooting isn’t without its risks — và if something goes wrong, it can void your warranty, leave sầu you with a broken điện thoại thông minh or tablet, or worse.

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Before proceeding, it is important khổng lồ understand that rooting is not always a straightforward process, and you may encounter hiccups along the way. If you decide that you absolutely need to lớn root your Android device, continue below, but know that it isn’t for the faint of heart or technology-inexperienced.

Manufacturers và carriers will dissuade you from rooting, & they aren’t just scaremongering. If you don’t follow instructions properly, the worst-case scenario can irreparably damage your device, but many people feel that the potential benefits are well worth it. With a rooted phone, you can remove bloatware, tốc độ up your processor, và customize every element of your phone software’s appearance.

This guide on how khổng lồ root Android phones will walk you through the steps khổng lồ root your device. While we can root some phones in minutes, others are going to lớn take a little more research. But one thing is clear: rooting your phone is one of the best ways khổng lồ tap into lớn your Android device’s true potential.

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What is rooting?

Rooting an Android phone or tablet is akin to jailbreaking an iPhone — basically, it allows you lớn dive deeper inlớn a phone’s sub-system. After rooting, you can access the entire operating system to customize just about anything on your Android device, & you can get around any restrictions that your manufacturer or carrier may have sầu applied.

Rooting is best undertaken with caution. You must baông xã up your phone’s software before installing — or “flash,” in rooting terms — a custom ROM (a modified version of Android).

Why would you root?

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One of the biggest incentives lớn root your Android phone is so you can strip away bloatware that’s impossible khổng lồ uninstall otherwise (although you can sometimes disable it — kiểm tra out our guide on disabling bloatware). On some devices, rooting will enable previously disabled settings, like wireless tethering. Additional benefits include the ability lớn install specialized tools và flash custom ROMs, each of which can add extra features & improve your phone or tablet’s performance.

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There isn’t an overabundance of must-have root apps, but there are enough khổng lồ make it worthwhile. Some apps will let you automatically baông chồng up all of your apps and data khổng lồ the cloud, bloông xã website and in-app advertisements, create secure tunnels khổng lồ the internet, overcloông chồng your processor, or make your device a wireless hot spot. Look at the best root apps for rooted devices for a better idea of what is possible.

Why wouldn’t you root?

There are essentially four potential cons to lớn rooting your Android.

How khổng lồ prepare your Android device for rooting


One of the easiest ways khổng lồ root an Android device is by using an phầm mềm, và several rooting apps have garnered attention over the years — Framaroot, Firmware.dế yêu, Kingo Root, BaiduRoot, One Cliông xã Root, SuperSU, and Root Master are aước ao the most reliable. These services will usually root your device in the time you take khổng lồ brush your teeth. But some of them only tư vấn devices running older versions of Android, so you may need to vị some shopping around to lớn find one that works for your device. If you’re looking lớn root an even older device, you may need to check Firmware.điện thoại.

It used lớn be that rooting Android versions from Android 7.0 Nougat upwards was more difficult. The verified boot service will kiểm tra the device’s cryptographic integrity khổng lồ detect if your device’s system files are compromised, inhibiting legitimate rooting apps. Thankfully, rooting apps have sầu caught up with the curve sầu, và rooting newer Android versions is much easier than it used khổng lồ be.

If your phone isn’t compatible with a one-cliông xã rooting tiện ích, you must spkết thúc a little time researching alternatives on Android forums. The best place khổng lồ start is XDA Developers Forum — look for a thread about your phone or tablet, và you’re likely to lớn find a method.

Preparing for rooting

Bachồng up everything you cannot live sầu without before you start. You should also always baông xã up your phone’s current ROM before you flash a new one. You will also want to lớn ensure that your device has a full charge before you begin.