Microsoft has more or less abandoned the Windows Phone operating system, & the Lumia phones are left stranded without phầm mềm tư vấn. While there’s no possibility of any official software update, someone else has managed to lớn install Android on Lumia. The developer has found a solution to lớn bring Android to lớn all Windows Phones, and performance is decent.

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Of course, Lumia phones running Android Nougat won’t be able khổng lồ perform certain functions, but still, it’s living proof that even an old Lumia can run one of the latest version of Android. The process to install Android on Windows Phone might be tricky for some, but you can easily install it by following our guide.

To install Android on Lumia, you need lớn flash the custom ROM on your phone. While we have sầu simplified the tutorial for your phone’s safety, we recommkết thúc you to backup your device before making any changes. The process lớn install Android on Windows Phone might be a bit tricky but it’s really not impossible. In this article, we will explore the method khổng lồ get Android for Lumia.

Why should you install Android on Windows Phone?

Windows Phone is still far behind Android in terms of features and apps. Microsoft has given up on Windows Phone and some old phones like Lumia 7đôi mươi, 5trăng tròn have sầu been abandoned by the company. The old Lumias can no longer receive sầu new updates, in other words, the old Lumias are nothing more than a briông xã. You can, however, run Android on Lumia instead of Windows 10 và give your phones a new life.

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It’s worth noting that Android may not run properly on all Lumia. Some features may be not available, although the overall performance is still decent. You will also get some apps that are not available on low-kết thúc Windows Phones. Furthermore, the overall performance is actually better than Windows 10 Smartphone.

Install Android on Lumia: Things worth noting

You can always recover baông chồng to Windows Phone 8.1 if you have sầu the backup files.The cellular connection won’t work on Android.You cannot use Bluetooth, accelerometer, camera and SD Card.The tai nghe jaông xã does not work.

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The hachồng has been tested on Lumia 7đôi mươi, 5trăng tròn, 521, 525 & 526 và it would not work on any other Lumia phones. The developers are however working to lớn add tư vấn for all Snapdragon 400 processor phones. And those are just some of the highlights – so without further avày, here’s how to lớn install Android on Lumia branded Windows Phone.

Disclaimer: Windows Lachạy thử is not responsible for any damage that may occur while flashing the phone.

Steps to install Android on Lumia

xuất hiện Win32DiskImager.Now connect your phone in Mass Storage mode.In Win32DiskImager, you need lớn select a location where you would lượt thích lớn save sầu the backup. Save it is IMEI.img.Select the letter assigned lớn MainOS of your phone, and press “Read”.Your phone has been backed up successfully. Now close the phầm mềm.Now run uefi2lk.cmd and follow the on-screen instructions. Your phone now has the bootloader installed.Enter the Fastboot using the volume down key.In TWRP.., select Advanced, ADB Sideload.Using ADB Sideload, browse to lớn the ROM you have sầu downloaded earlier & flash it.
Reboot the phone.Success. Your phone is now running on Android.


You might experience crashes and things like that, & it’s not clear if these hacked phones will ever be upgraded khổng lồ Android O or Phường. At the time of writing this story, the haông xã is not available for all phones, but we’re pretty sure that the users with flagships such as the Lumia 950 và HPhường Elite x3 would love khổng lồ give it a try.

As we noted above sầu, you can always return baông xã to Windows Phone from Android. We will soon vày an article khổng lồ explain the process. In the meantime, let us know your thoughts & questions in the comments below.