So, got my V30 here, Frankensteined H931 to US998, never had basically any issues with it so far. Decided to lớn attempt lớn install the TWRPhường. flashable US998 30b from John Fawkes & that"s when all hell broke loose. But I won"t get inkhổng lồ all that, here"s the primary issue now:I get Download Mode when I power the V30 off và hold Volume Up + insert USB cable (và I"ve sầu done this with multiple USB cables as well as multiple USB ports), but I never get a connection lớn the computer anymore in that mode. Nothing, no connects at all, no sounds to lớn indicate a connection, while the V30 shows it"s in Download Mode và is waiting for a connection.If I power it off baông chồng lớn TWRP (, just flashed earlier as instructed because of the Pie attempt), I get all the proper connections, sounds, etc, can copy files over khổng lồ the internal as well as external storage, no issues.Normally when most people say they can"t get into Download Mode it"s some issue where the device won"t power on into that mode when the USB cable is attached - that"s not the case here as stated: it powers on & says Download Mode and waiting for a connection, but regardless of any USB cable or port there"s never a connection.I"m suspecting it"s a software issue since obviously on a reboot inlớn TWRPhường. the USB port works exactly as expected.Any suggestions? Because of this I"m unable to lớn bởi a clean proper US998 20h KDZ flash or the 30b KDZ flash either so thankfully I did have sầu a backup of my previous 20h Oreo install. Of course, because it"s all pooched now that is effectively useless because of course of the encryption và upon restoring the backup it won"t boot because of the password crap and forces me to lớn format DATA & start all over again./me hates encryption when this BS happens, seriously...So, any tips or tricks that might get me baông chồng to a working connection with Download Mode? Flashing a particular partition or something? I"m basically about lớn revày it with a clean 20h TWRP.. flashable here in a bit, not left with many other options now.Anything is appreciated, thanks...

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1) Try flashing US998 20e TWRP-FLASHABLE zip. See if that gets you download mode back.If not, then 2) Try different LGUP.. ______After you get Download mode baông xã, try these steps. Helpful people been testing this out...For users with TWRPhường. who get stuck on LG biểu tượng logo.* Flash Verizon VS996 Nougat Partition DL -- EXCEPT for Recovery partitions, to lớn keep TWRP. Do NOT choose all partitions!You will probably thua download mode, but you"ve sầu prepped your phone, corrected any partitions. (This is not just for Verizon users, this is for all North American variants -- except for T-di động H932.)* Flash US99820e TWRP flashable zip to get baông chồng Download mode. * Then REFURBISH to lớn US998 20h KDZ.* Now flash TWRP recovery again & then flash John"s zip US99830b. "Phone booted immediately on pie and everything is working great."---------- Post added at 01:01 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:58 AM ----------
ATT 931 on US998. Hangs on the LG Logo for PIE. Will there. be another release for US998 Pie? I vì miss Anxious!