I doubt that it is possible khổng lồ count all of the different styluses available for the iPad, but broadly speaking, they can be divided into two categories. First, you have the newer, active sầu styluses that have sầu a very fine tip, such as the Adonit Jot Script with its 1.9 milimet tip, but require a battery. Second, you have sầu the more traditional styluses that have sầu a larger tip, typically around 6 milimet but anywhere from 4 to 8 mm. Active styluses have sầu awesome tips that resemble a pen but have drawbacks: you need khổng lồ keep them powered, which means replacing batteries or charging them; they are thicker and thus feel more lượt thích holding a Sharpie than holding a pen; and they often have trouble drawing a straight diagonal line, instead producing something that is more wavy or even jagged. I still love & use active sầu styluses all of the time, but I am just as likely khổng lồ opt for a non-active stylus so that I don"t have sầu to lớn worry about those drawbacks. And when I bởi reach for a traditional stylus, one of the all-time best is the first generation version of the Wacom Bamboo Stylus duo. I gave sầu it a favorable Reviews in 2012, I have sầu been happy using it for years, & I cannot even count the number of attorneys and others I have sầu told me over the years that it is their favorite stylus. You can still buy it on Amazon; the part number is CS110K (where the "K" indicates the color — K for blaông chồng, B for xanh, etc.).

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Wacom came out with a second generation Bamboo Stylus duo in 2013 (part number CS150K, with the last letter again indicating a color), which you can still get on Amazon. I did not try that version myself, but I heard that it was lighter & had a smaller tip. The original Wacom Bamboo Stylus duo weighs 0.85 oz & had a 6 milimet tip. I understvà that the second generation weighed 0.6 ounces & had a 5 mm tip.

Last month, Wacom came out with the third generation of the Wacom Bamboo Stylus duo:


All three generations have sầu a similar look, are approximately the same length, và all have sầu the same feature of a cap on the kết thúc that you can remove to reveal a normal pen. You can place the cap on the pen over while you are using the stylus, and vice versa. Here are promotional pictures of the first generation (top), second generation (middle) & the new third generation (bottom):

Wacom sent me a không lấy phí sample of the new third generation model soon after it was released, and I have sầu been trying it out for the last few weeks. Here are my thoughts.

Size & Weight

What bởi you want first, the good news or the bad news? Let"s start with the bad news. The one thing that I lượt thích the least about this third generation of the stylus is that I think it is too light. The original Wacom Bamboo Stylus duo that I have sầu been using for years weighs 0.85 oz., and as noted above sầu the 2013 second generation weighed 0.6 oz. This third generation weighs only 0.49 oz, and it really feels substantially lighter. For many items — such as iPhones and iPads — it is a good thing lớn have new generations that are lighter. But at some point, a product simply gets too light & can even feel cheap because of its low weight. When I go bachồng & forth between my first generation & this third generation, I always prefer the weight of the first generation. The lightweight third generation feels more hollow, more lượt thích a cheap pen instead of a chất lượng writing instrument.

Here is the first generation (top) & third generation (bottom):


It occurs lớn me that perhaps I am being unfair in preferring a slightly heavier stylus. After all, my current favorite pen — the Zebra Sarasa Push video Gel Ink Pen 0.7 milimet (available at Amazon or JetPen) — weighs far less at almost 0.4 oz, và I"ve sầu never felt that it was too light. I suppose that I have a different expectation for a plastic pen than I bởi vì for an iPad stylus.

As for the other dimensions of the third generation stylus, it has essentially the same great length as the previous generations và the size và aluminum barrel feels good in your hand, very much like a pen. I"ve sầu also grown khổng lồ really lượt thích the hexagonal barrel và the knurled collar on the Hvà Stylus, but the Bamboo Stylus duo also feels nice, và the one that I prefer changes from day to lớn day.

If the weight difference was the only difference, then I wouldn"t be a fan of the new version of the Wacom Bamboo Stylus duo. However...


After starting with the negative, let me move on lớn the best part of this stylus: the tip (or lớn use the more technical term, the nib). The size remains at the same 6 mm as the first generation Bamboo Stylus duo, và slightly larger than the second generation"s 5 milimet tip.


In general, a smaller stylus tip is better. A lot of cheap styluses have sầu an 8 milimet tip, and I"ve long thought that the original Wacom Bamboo Stylus 6 mm tip worked better. Having said that, I didn"t notice much of a kích cỡ advantage when I compared the Hand Stylus with a 4 mm tip lớn the original Bamboo Stylus duo (although I vì chưng really lượt thích the H& Stylus). But to the extent that a 6 mm tip could possibly be a disadvantage compared to a 5 mm or 4 milimet tip, Wacom more than makes up for it with the improvements to this tip.

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Unlượt thích the previous generations of the Bamboo Stylus which had a rubber tip, this third generation has a carbon fiber covering on a rubber tip. The carbon fiber makes a huge difference. Here is the first generation tip (left) and third generation tip (right), và if you look closely at the third generation tip (clichồng the picture to lớn enlarge it) you can sort of see that the tip has a carbon fiber covering on it:


I"ve previously used styluses with tightly woven conductive sầu fibers on the tip, such as the BoxWave sầu Evercảm biến Capacitive sầu Stylus. Those tips provide less friction, meaning that they are smoother against the surface of your Máy tính bảng iPad, which feels nice, but you typically have to press harder for the ipad to lớn sense the stylus. Somehow, Wacom has managed khổng lồ get the best of both worlds with the tip — it feels better against the screen than the rubber styluses used on so many other styluses, including the previous generations of the Bamboo Stylus, and yet I don"t find that I have to press down any harder khổng lồ use it. The Wacom trang web calls this a "chất lượng & responsive sầu carbon fiber nib" & I agree with that mô tả tìm kiếm.

I cannot yet bình luận on how the carbon fiber tip holds up over time. I used the tip on my original Bamboo Stylus for about two years before I needed to lớn replace it, which I thought was excellent considering how much I used it, và I didn"t mind replacing it because replacements are cheap (three nibs for under $5). I"ve seen other folks suggest that mesh-style tips need lớn be replaced more often, & I"ll just have sầu lớn see how this carbon fiber tip does, but even if I need lớn replace it once a year, that wouldn"t bother me since the new nibs are cheap.


Other than the difference in weight & the improved tip, the other changes are quite minor. You cannot remove sầu the clip on the third generation Bamboo Stylus duo lượt thích you could on the first generation (and I believe the second generation) models, but that doesn"t bother me in the least because I don"t see a good reason to lớn remove the clip. Not only does the clip make it easier to lớn put the stylus in a shirt pocket or other compartment, the clip stops the stylus from rolling around on a desk.

The third generation comes in different colors — blue, gray, green, orange, pink, silver — but no longer comes in blaông chồng.

The pen side of the stylus works the same as the pen on my first generation Bamboo Stylus duo. It"s nothing special, especially for someone lượt thích me who prefers the larger, darker ink that you get from a gel pen, but it means that you can just carry your stylus with you but you also have sầu a pen in case you need it. Even if you don"t think that you need a pen, I"ve always told folks to get the duo version of the Wacom Bamboo Stylus because it is a little longer (130 mm) than the two other versions of the Bamboo stylus that don"t have a pen — the Bamboo Stylus altrộn is 122 milimet và the Bamboo Stylus solo is 126.8 milimet — & I think it is better to lớn have a stylus that is over 5 inches (over 127 mm) because it feels better in your hand and more lượt thích a real pen.


I wish that this stylus was heavier to lớn give it a more substantial feel in your h&. But other than that, this is a fantastic stylus. The carbon fiber tip works & feels better than any other non-active stylus that I"ve ever used, but otherwise the stylus keeps the same length, circumference, clip and ballpoint pen that made the prior generations of the Wacom Bamboo Stylus duo such a big hit. And after several weeks of going baông chồng & forth between my first generation with a weight that I prefer và this third generation with the tip that I prefer, I"m going khổng lồ stiông chồng with this third generation of the Wacom Bamboo Stylus duo going forward because I like the tip so much. I"ve used this stylus to lớn take notes in meetings, to lớn jot things down in a deposition, to lớn navigate my Máy tính bảng iPad screen when I felt lượt thích a change of pace from using my finger, & khổng lồ highlight & annotate cases that I downloaded from Westlaw, and it has always worked really well.

Of course, one of the reasons that there are so many styluses on the market is that lots of folks have sầu different preferences. I generally lượt thích the review on The Wirecutter, và I see that they recently concluded that the Pogo Stylus (which I reviewed earlier this year) is their favorite, with two models of the Wacom Bamboo Stylus in second & third place. lưu ý, however, that it appears that The Wirecutter was looking at the second generation version, so we"ll have sầu to see if they update their Reviews after trying out the third generation with the improved tip.

If you are in the market for an ipad stylus, the third generation Wacom Bamboo Stylus duo should definitely be on your danh mục khổng lồ consider. It is a really great stylus, even if it is not as heavy as I would like.