During the installation process of the Adobe Creative Cloud software, you may encounter the Adobe error code 81 on your computer. As a result, the installation process stops & the situation is very irritating. 

This error code comes with an error message that says “ We’ve sầu encountered the following issues: Another installer is currently running, which must be closed before installing this product. Please cthua thảm other installers. (Error code:81)”.

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This error appears when the installer does not run correctly. There are numerous reasons for this error. One of the most common reasons is issues with the Creative Cloud. 

So, this is a very comtháng error that should be solved instantly. You can try khổng lồ perkhung these methods listed in this post for an easy và quiông xã fix. 

Causes of Adobe Error Code 81

Here are some common causes that might be responsible for Adobe error 81. Let’s have sầu a look at them:

Third-các buổi party security software.Corrupted Adobe softwareCollection of Temporary files or junk files in the internal system files.An outdated version of Adobe software.An older version of the Graphics card driver.

Reliable Methods lớn Solve Adobe Error Code 81

There are several methods to fix this error code on your device. Below are certain methods by which you can quickly get rid of the Adobe installer error code 81. Follow these steps as instructed below:

Method 1 – Launch the Adobe Creative sầu Cloud Software as Administrator

If you vì not have administrator permission, then you might come across this error code on your computer. So, you can try khổng lồ launch the Adobe Creative Cloud application as the administrator. 

Find the Adobe Creative sầu Adobe Application and right-click on it.Select the Run as an administrator option from the menu list. Now the Adobe software will open without any error. If not, then you need to move to the next one.

Method 2 – Update the Graphics Card Driver

Updating the Graphics card driver is an easy task to solve the Adobe error code 81.

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Sometimes, an outdated version of the driver can result in this error on the device. So, you must keep the driver up to lớn date. The following steps will help you:

Press the Windows key and select the Device Manager.On the Device Manager window, locate và select the Display Adapters section to lớn expand it.Right-cliông xã on the Graphics Card Driver và choose the Update Software Driver option. Once the update process is complete, restart the device và then try to lớn install the Adobe software & check if the error code arises or not. 

Method 3 – Disable the Windows Firewall

Sometimes, the Windows Firewall can prsự kiện Adobe software from installing. So, before installing it, you can turn it off by following these directions:

Go to the Control Panel and exp& the Windows Firewall section.When the Windows Firewall window opens, clichồng on the Turn Windows Firewall on và off button on the left panel.On the right pane, kiểm tra the Turn Off Windows Firewall (Recommended) option for both Public Network Settings and Private Network Settings sections.Once you are done with these steps, cliông chồng on the Save sầu button. 

Method 4 – Uninstall the Security Software

After turning off the Windows Firewall features if the error persists, then remove sầu the security software that you are using on your PC. 

Launch the Settings window and go to the Apps section.Click the Apps và Features tab on the left panel.From the Apps và Features tab, scroll down the page and locate the Security software, select it. Then, cliông xã on the Uninstall button. After finishing the removal process, reboot your computer and kiểm tra if the error code shows up or not. 

Method 5 – Restore the License Permission

One of the easy ways by which you can fix this error code is to restore the license permission. To vì chưng this follow these directions hereunder:

Hold down the Windows Home button and press the E key to lớn launch the Windows File Explorer window.On the File Explorer window, cliông xã on the View section and then select Options.Go to lớn the Advanced Settings section và uncheck the Use Sharing Wizard box.Tap the Show hidden files, folders và drivers buttons.After that, cliông chồng on the OK button. 

Method 6 – Reinstall the Adobe Software 

A corrupted Adobe software can cause the Adobe error code 81. To rule out this probability, remove the Adobe software và reinstall it. Here’s how khổng lồ bởi that:

Right-cliông chồng on the Windows trang chủ button và choose the Control Panel.On the Control Panel window, navigate to the Programs & Features section.In the Programs & Features window, locate the Adobe hàng hóa & right-clichồng on it. After that, clichồng on the Uninstall option.Once the uninstallation process is finished go to lớn the official trang web of the Adobe software.Download the lademo version of the Adobe software and then install it. After completing the installation process, reboot the system và then kiểm tra if the error is solved or not. 

Method 7 – Create A New SLStore Folder

If the SLStore folder is not present on the system then you may come across the Adobe error code 81. So, in order to fix this error code, you need lớn create a new SLStore folder. Go through these steps:

At first, open the File Explorer window and go to the local C drive sầu.From the Local C drive sầu, click on the Program Files thư mục. Find the Adobe thư mục, double-click on it. After that, go to the directory of the application.Right-clichồng on the blank space and select ‘New Folder’ from the context menu. Then save the thư mục with a name, for example, SLStore.Try lớn install the program và kiểm tra if the error is still there or not. 

Method 8 – Modify Attributes within the SLStore Directory

Another effective sầu method by which, you can easily eliminate this error code on your device is lớn change the attributes within the SLStore directory. Follow these steps as stated below:

Navigate to lớn the Adobe Creative sầu Cloud installation directory.Locate the SLStore directory, right-clichồng on it and select the Properties option.On the Properties window, move lớn the Attributes section & unkiểm tra the Read-only option khổng lồ disable it. After that, cliông chồng on the Apply button followed by the OK button. 

Method 9 – Remove Temporary or Junk Files

Removing the temporary or junk files is another way to solve sầu the Adobe installer error code 81. 

Press Windows và R keys together lớn launch the Run box.Type ‘%temp%’ in the Run application và cliông chồng on OK or hit the Enter key.On the Temp thư mục, delete all the temporary files and then try lớn install the Adobe software. 

Method 10 – Rename the PDApp Folder 

If none of the methods can help you, then rename the PDApp thư mục lớn solve this error. 

Cđại bại the Creative sầu Cloud application.Go to lớn the following path: Program Files(x86)Common FilesAdobeOOBEPDApp.Right-clichồng on the PDApp folder and select the Rename option.Change the name of this thư mục khổng lồ PDApp-oldmở cửa the Creative Cloud và try to lớn install the Adobe software. 

These are the methods that we have provided khổng lồ solve the Adobe error code 81 on the device.