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Get windows anytime nâng cấp key for Windows 7 and tăng cấp from Windows 7 basic lớn home, Windows 7 Professional, or Windows 7 Ultimate. In this post, you can get the keygene for Windows 7. We have sầu also explained the whole procedure to nâng cấp Windows 7 using the Windows anytime nâng cấp key.

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How lớn create a system image for Windows Anytime Upgrade?

Though the Upgrade won’t change any of the information of yours or maybe some other configuration options, I suggest that the first thing you will need lớn bởi vì is develop a method Image from within Windows 7’s Backup and Restore. When you vì chưng, you will kết thúc up getting a comprehensive picture of your hard disk. The way, if anything unusual was khổng lồ take place as you stiông xã to the simple steps for executing the Windows Anytime Upgrade, you are going to be ready khổng lồ go baông xã lớn the current cài đặt of yours.

Moreover, I suggest that you also produce a separate backup of the data of yours. Probably just make duplicates of all the information files of yours on CD/DVD or perhaps on an external hard disk. While it might seem like overkill, using an additional backup is going lớn give sầu you peace of mind.

To produce a method image, you will have sầu to lớn get a CD-RW/DVD-RW drive sầu, an external hard disk, or maybe permission to access a system drive. To log onto Backup và Restore, cliông chồng on the Start button, type Backup in the Search box, and then press when Backup and Restore is found in the result pane.

Here are the images for the procedure

When you’ve sầu Backup and Restore up, choose the Create a method Image choice, and select your backup location. As you can find in the image below, I applied a DVD RW drive sầu lớn the program of mine.

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Create System Image – Windows Upgrade

As you are able to lớn find in the 2nd image, on my chạy thử process, all of the partitions on the drive sầu are selected by mặc định. In order to initiate the operation, simply cliông xã Start backup. On my evaluation process with a 500GB hard disk, it had taken over one hour and needed 8 DVDs.

Backup Settings – Windows Upgrade

When the device Image is done, you will be caused lớn produce a method Repair disc, as found in the 3rd image. This’s the disc you are going khổng lồ use to lớn boot the system of yours & regain the system picture of yours in the sự kiện that you want it.

Windows 7 Professional Key


Windows 7 Ultimate Key


Note: These Windows anytime tăng cấp keys only work when you nâng cấp from Windows 7 home page lớn Ultimate, Premium, or Professional. Please vày not use them for activating your Windows 7.

Final Words

This is a complete procedure to tăng cấp your Windows 7 using the Free Windows 7 anytime key tăng cấp key. If you are facing this problem, tell us in the phản hồi section, và our support will get baông xã khổng lồ you.


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