pretty nice, pretty fast. i"ve sầu been able lớn run most games on the higher settings at 1080p 75fps, thẻ definitely holds it"s own but i"m gonmãng cầu upgrade next year.

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This GPU has handled almost anything I throw at it besides badly optimized games. I"m incredibly impressed with its performance & I"ll be making sure lớn use this one for as long as I can.


This graphics thẻ is quite capable in most games. For example, it Forza Horizon 4, I averaged around 100fps when at high settings. In CSGO, I was able khổng lồ get around 200 fps when running at the highest settings. Since I am not much of a game thủ, most of my time was editing in DaVinci Resolve sầu. The program runs smooth & renders clips within seconds. (I know people with GTX 1050 TI"s that crash trying to lớn run Resolve)


Runs Rainbow Six Siege at ultra with no problems, and runs VRChat at high settings. Good at streaming. A little bit more stuff to lớn be desired though since it lags in VRChat a little.

Great graphics thẻ. Runs nearly any game I have sầu personally thrown at it at over 100-1đôi mươi FPS. Stays cool, and isn"t so big it takes up the whole case. Only downside is that the người must be on the bottom and takes away from the look because you have sầu lớn look at the back with all the circuitry. Other than that it does what I ask of it!

This was a steal when I got this. I picked this up off of amazon for 220 during the crypto-currency boom. The thermals on this card are fantastic in this particular case, which it is dwarfed by.

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It"s a marvel that Zotac continuously gets these things so small & so cheap, it"s usually just one or the other. The 1060 architecture, however, has given me some fairly major problems. This thing randomly just chugged when playing Tomb Raider for a week, & then an update seemed khổng lồ fix it. But that random chugging period was years after the game came out. Apparently 1060s are notoriously finicky.

Really great little card that runs everything i could think of at 60fps 1080p max settings, only a few games have sầu an exception where i have khổng lồ turn the settings down slightly but that is expected. For the price this card is worth it even at $300, i bought it baông xã in November 2017 for around $270 và i vị not regret it. Only thing i can think of that i bởi not lượt thích about this thẻ is the appearance which does not matter at all really, but it doesn"t look too good, for me it is just an upside down circuit board. lol

I got this for my first PC build and I was able khổng lồ get this for a very good price, but in this graphics shortage prices have sầu increased currently. It plays all the games that I have sầu wanted khổng lồ play, & even though it is called "Mini", I still thought it was pretty big, but it is not long lượt thích other graphic cards I have sầu seen. I vì not think any of these graphic cards are worth the current price, so hopefully it can go back to lớn normal prices.

For being a mini, I can"t say it performs like one. Comparing it khổng lồ full sized GPUs it"s only marginally behind. Probably has a much small headroom for overclocking.